Friday, January 3, 2014

Of Note

This was the first sign of Spring. On Clinton St. 
On a freezing cold night in late March.
This dog leads a charmed life, waiting to be picked up in the Puppy Salon’s play window.

This Laundromat is such a vortex of urban exhaustion that the man in the blue sweatshirt is turning into a chair.

This amount of sun shining in Bryant Park warranted a picture. The sun is a hot commodity here.

This Garden is a secret Eden on 30th St. Jesus is way cooler here.

This tree can grow and bloom in a parking lot in midtown. Therefore, I can stay positive working in an office that’s not a great fit for me.

This Blue Man doesn’t smile.

This Easter “basket” made my work day, and the best part was my mom’s handwriting.

This Shakespeare tutorial makes me grateful for Ray’s class. 
This man looks insane.

This University of Reading reunion was only possible because I live in a global hub. 
I live in hope of more European visits.

This is my backyard. Worth the flights of stairs. 

This is the line for the lottery when the jackpot was $640 million. I won 15 cents. Still counts.

This was my internship in Theatre Marketing.

Just kidding

This was my internship in Theatre Marketing.

Pretty cool, right?

This was the effort required to take a bag of peas out of “freezer.”

"Shit bitch." You is hysterical.

"Stupid" has made some poor choices.

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